C2542 What does this one mean? 
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 C2542 What does this one mean?

Hi all,

I'm getting following error:

... atlcomcli.h(101) error C2542: 'IElementHandler' class object has no
constructor for initialization.
This diagonstic occured in compiler generated function

First of all i don't get any information about the source code line. I guess
this because the error occurs in a compiler generated function. But I have
absolutely no idea why the compiler points to CComPtrBase::CComPtrBase()
(atlcomcli.h ln 101).

BTW.: The template parameter T is not printed out.

It reads:
CComPtrBase() throw()
    p = NULL;


Why do we need a CSoapEnvelopeHandler here ?

Here are my classes

__interface IElementHandler /*no base*/
    // 2 functions


class CSoapEnvelopeHandler :
    public IElementHandler
    // same 2 functions implemented


I can instantiate a CSoapEnvelopeHandler by adding
CSoapEnvelopeHandler h; into my main function.

I have an CAtlArray < CSoapEnvelopeHandler >
somewhere. No CComPtr in or with
CSoapEnvelopeHandler or IElementHandler.

Could someone explain the error.

I will try to create a small repro. But till then I would
greatly appreciate any input about this issue.

tia & Cheerio!


Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:18:44 GMT  
 C2542 What does this one mean?
I managed to track it down to the following problem:

__interface I    // This one causes the error
// With following line is ok
// class __declspec(novtable) I
 virtual void Foo() = 0;


class C : public I
 void Foo(){}


int main()
 C c;
 C d = c;
    // C2542


I wonder if this was intended. For the __interface C::C() does not
invoke I::I(). But the compiler wants I::I(const I&) for C::C( const C& ).

That seems quite peculiar.

BTW: In my version the compiler also reports the wrong source
location for the error under some cirumstances. I haven't been able
to create a repro yet.


Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:40:59 GMT  
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