Trouble upgrading from B2 to RC1 
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 Trouble upgrading from B2 to RC1

I can't install RC1, because I can't uninstall B2.

I have 3 systems and 2 of them are not working.

Sytem 1 has Windows XP.  The B2 .NET framework won't uninstall because..

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed.  This can occur if you are
running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly
installed.  Contact your support personnel for assistance."

Restarting the Windows Installer Service does not help.

I think this system is experiencing these problems because I first installed B2
and then I installed XP.  How would I get myself out of this situation?

System 2 has Windows 2000 and is running as a Terminal Services server.  The B2
.NET framework was uninstalled successfully.  But, I can't uninstall VC7 RC1.
When I try, it says:

"A Terminal Server must be in Add/Remove Programs mode."

I should have not used the quotes because that is not the exact message.

Anyway, the message is not true, because the machine is in Add/Remove Programs
mode.  That is how I launched the setup program in the first place.  So I have
not a clear idea how to fix this problem either.

The 3rd system is a fresh system and I am installing the RC1 right now.

How do I restore my other systems to fresh systems?  Is there some good way
besides re-installing the OS?


Fri, 28 May 2004 03:01:55 GMT  
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