Please Help! File access problems 
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 Please Help! File access problems

For anyone else who hits this issue - Microsoft has
confirmed that it is a bug.  The workaround I am using
(which is very tedious) is the only one available.

It will be fixed in the next product release.

>-----Original Message-----

>I was wondering if anyone could help decipher the
>following problem.

>I have put together a very concise test case to
>demonstrate a file access problem I am having. It is so
>simple that someone has had to have hit this wall before.

>I have a simple managed C++ DLL.
>I have a simple VB.NET control which uses this MC++ DLL.
>Finally, I have a simple VB.NET app which uses the

>All 3 of these projects exist in a single solution.  All
>references within the solution are made via project
>references rather than file references. I am absolutely
>sure I have done this.  I have also set CopyLocal=True
>all references.  Again, I am absolutely sure I have done

>Whenever I load the form in my application, I can NEVER
>rebuild the managed C++ DLL.  I have to close all open
>forms, save the solution, exit, and re-enter before I can
>build again.

>Someone out there keeps a link to the managed C++ DLL,
>even though CopyLocal=True.

>I noticed that C#.NET and VB.NET create a Debug\obj
>directory, and project references are to that location.  
>What can I do in the MC++ case?

>How to use the demo program I included:

>1) Unzip
>2) Dbl-click Problem.sln
>3) Choose Build->Rebuild Solution.

>All three projects should build normally.

>Now simply dbl-click on the Form1.vb file of the VBClient
>solution.  Again go to Build->Rebuild solution.  You no
>longer will be able to rebuild.  You will get file access
>problems relating to the MCppEnum.dll file.  

>Close the Form1.vb file and try again - Nope.  Something
>is still holding on to it.

>Save All, Exit and come back into the solution.  Choose
>Build->Rebuild solution and all will be OK.

>Obviously for this toy example it is no big deal, but for
>an enterprise level app, this is basically unworkable.  

>Thanks for any replies,

>Jeff Ulrich

Sat, 16 Apr 2005 23:41:52 GMT  
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