IDE Toolbox support for custom wrapped ActiveX controls 
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 IDE Toolbox support for custom wrapped ActiveX controls

Hi all

I am wrapping some ActiveX controls and exposing them as .NET controls
using the System.Windows.Forms.AxHost class. I am manually inheriting
from AxHost in order to have control over the interface exposed by my
.NET wrapper (I do not want a one to one wrapping of the native
This approach works, but I am not able to cause the .NET IDE to
recognize that my assembly contains valid controls, and to add them
the IDE's Toolbox using the "Customize Toolbox" dialog.
Will this be supported in the first release?
Is there any way to work around this? I do want my clients to able to
just drag my controls onto forms, and not have to manually modify the
"Windows Form Designer generated code".

I am using Beta 2.

Thank you


Fri, 28 May 2004 01:28:03 GMT  
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