Project Dependency Persistence Issues 
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 Project Dependency Persistence Issues

I'm working on a 'solution' with many projects, which I just moved
from VC6 to vc7 (unmanaged).  During the transition the project
dependencies were mangled.  I've changed them several times, to no
avail -- as soon as I exit VS .NET and reenter the project
dependencies are back to the mess.

I looked in the .sln file and found where the dependencies are
specified with GUIDs and I deleted all of them and opened the
solution.  I got hopeful when I saw that all of the project
dependencies were gone, and I set the dependencies I want, saved all
and exited, thinking that my problems were solved.  Unfortunately the
next time I opened the solution, the incorrect settings were back.  I
don't know how it stored them.  The project is connected to
sourcesafe, but I had checked the changes in.  How do I get my new
project dependency settings to persist?

Sun, 09 Jan 2005 06:49:28 GMT  
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