Toolbox Bitmap (Again) 
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 Toolbox Bitmap (Again)

I have scoured the previous posts on this and I need a bit of
guidance.  I have a component written in MC++ which refuses to show
any other icon except the default gear on the toolbox.  Here is my
code snippet:
namespace SKCLNET
private __gc class SomeClass: public System::Windows::Forms::Control

[ ToolboxBitmap(__typeof(SomeClass), "SKCLNET.LFile.bmp") ]
public __gc class LFile: public System::Windows::Forms::Control

I use SomeClass as the dummy class so the ToolboxBitmap will allow a
compile.  LFile.bmp is a 16 color 16x16 bitmap.  I'm new to .Net and
just read that I need a resx resource file rather than the normal .rc
file since managed code will not use the .rc files?  If so what is the
best way to create a resx resource?



Sat, 22 Jan 2005 06:31:23 GMT  
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