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 OLEDB Persistance Error


I am facing a problem that I am trying to resolve since ages. Any help from
you is really appreciated. Thanks head on.

I am trying to call a function of a component that I have created under Com+
environment. (Objectcontext.CreateInstance). The function expects a
paramenter of type ADODB.Recordset and returns a ADODB.Recordset.

When I run this method with the component running locally, outside the MTS
environment, it just works fine, but the moment i put it under MTS COM+
environment it give me the following error on that function call.

Error: Requested conversion is not supported.
Error number: -2147217891
Microsoft OLEDB Persistence Provider

More info on the parameter recordset that I am passing: I have to pass it as
a recordset. Also the recordset is having a field that is declared of type
variant and assinged a recordset. I think that is creating a problem, but
not quite sure. In short it is a hierarchical recordset.

If anyone can suggest me a way out of this, then it will be highly



Sat, 07 May 2005 05:56:32 GMT  
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