returning nulls from stored procedures 
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 returning nulls from stored procedures

I'm having problems using the ADO command object running stored procedures
from VB 6.0 code to SQL Server 2000

From a Query analyzer window the stored procedure runs and returns correct
values, but when I execute it using the Command Object from VB code, the
returning 'OUTPUT' parameter (adParamOutput) only returns NULL when it
should be returning (-1,0,>0).

I also check the returning parameter from the stored procedure code to catch
any NULLs. The stored procedure executes but still returns a NULL.

Thanks for any suggestions


Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:50:01 GMT  
 returning nulls from stored procedures
Have you specified it as an OUTPUT param when you call it from ADO?


-- I.e. the text OUTPUT is needed for SQLS to return the value.

/ Tobias

Sun, 12 Oct 2003 20:17:52 GMT  
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