How to measure ADO recordset resource "hit"? 
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 How to measure ADO recordset resource "hit"?


I am considering fashioning a tool
to provide some recordset-like
functionality, for cases where I
only need read-only, forward-only
recordsets.  The reason: to set
the recordset to Nothing as quickly
as possible, to conserve resources.  
I want to open a recordset,
dump its contents into a VBScript
class object as an array, then
immediately close and Nothing-ize
the recordset.  After that, I pull
my data from the array using the
class object's properties/methods.

This of course is only sensible if
I can prove that my new object
requires fewer resources than an
ADO recordset.

How does one measure this?  What I
would like to do is know how much
RAM (for instance) is used by a
read-only, forward-only ADO recordset
with X fields and Y rows?  Then
I could compare this number to my
own object, and determine if I'm
using more or less.

There are actually two numbers I
think I need to discover:
1. How "small" is a recordset object?
2. How "efficient" is a recordset object?

By #1 what I mean is, how much
resources does an empty recordset use,
while sitting idle?  By #2 what I
mean is, when it's loaded with data
and performing repeated .MoveNext's,
how much RAM and CPU power does it
use?  My object will need to beat
these two numbers to be worth my
trouble.  I suspect that because a
recordset has a huge object model,
mine will win on #1.  But #2 is
less certain.

Suggestions?  Has anyone any notion
of how to measure arcane such things?  

- Tom

 Tom Kelleher Consulting, Inc.


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