ado recordset.getstring problem 
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 ado recordset.getstring problem

I have a problem using the getstring method on an SQL Server 7.0
database table with ntext datatype fields.

When I try to return multiple ntext fields using getstring,
getstring returns empty fields except for the last field.

Has anyone had this problem?

I can return a single ntext field, but if I try to return
2 ntext fields(even the same one: eg; field1,field1), getstring returns
the first field1 as empty but the second field1 is returned.

If I change the ntext datatype to nvarchar, with the same field
contents, then getstring returns the correct string.
But, I've got to have ntext fields for variable length strings, with
unknown size.

The size of the field contents does not matter, for this problem.

Any clues?


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