Can Do it Easy in DAO - But Can Not Figure Out how to do it in ADO – HELP 
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 Can Do it Easy in DAO - But Can Not Figure Out how to do it in ADO – HELP

I need to set the Table Type of an Access Table I have created to
SYSTEM.  In DAO this was a fairly straightforward and easy thing to do.
I have tried everything I can think of using ADO, but can not figure out
how to do it.  I trued to set the Type, but received an Error Message
informing me that the Type Property is Read-Only.  I can not imagine
that ADO can not handle this, so I know I must simply not know how to do
it.  I assume that anything you could do in DAO you can do in ADO (or
ADOX).  If anyone can post a small code example of how I can
programmatically change the Table Type I would be most appreciative.

Many thanks in advance.


Tue, 16 Dec 2003 07:55:25 GMT  
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