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 batch processing

I am new to sql in a production environment.
I need your opinions on the best way to process large
amounts of data involving multiple tables.

For example: You are processing a tax billing
the involves a property table and a rate table with a step
rate that you must transverse to calculate the charge.

The way I am accustomed to (non-sql) is

select property table
do while not eof
   select rate table
   seek property.type
   nCharges = 0
   do while not rate.type = property.type and not eof()
         if property.value >= low_value            
                and property.value <= high value
                ncharges = ncharges +
                   (property.value * rate)
  select property

Can anyone enlighten me please???


Sun, 22 May 2005 04:07:39 GMT  
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