Bound textbox fails to bind on some machines 
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 Bound textbox fails to bind on some machines

I have a vb6(sp5) application that uses DAO to r/w to a small Access 97. It
is currently being rewritten and will eventually use ADO and Access 2000.
The problem I have is that on the current release, I have several textboxes
bound to a data control which is loaded from a recordset. For the most part
this has been working fine, but on a few machines, the textboxes don't get
the data and remain blank. In the course of troubleshooting this, I built a
small vb app just for testing, first with DAO and then ADO. I had exactly
the same problem with both.

Then while lurking on this ng, I found a reference to msbind.dll. I tried
this and it fixed the problem on the ADO version, but not the DAO version.
Is msbind.dll something for ADO only, or should it work for DAO as well? If
not, what will?

Thanks for any help.
Carl Mudryk

Fri, 30 Apr 2004 13:13:23 GMT  
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