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 Extracting Data

Hi Liz,

To separate part of string you can use SUBSTRING T-SQL
function and conver numeric string into numeric value
usong CONVERT function. It could look like

NumerResult ORDER BY NumerResult

but that way will work only in case if numeric value
starts from position 4 and has leght of 3 characters (like
ABC123DEF). In case of different position of numeric
values in field value, you will need to scan value to find
first and last postion of numeric value


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>Good Morning,

>I am writing a SQL program and I need to extract a field
>in order to sort it properly.  The field contain alpha
>numeric numbers for example TPP123ABC, APCD18BCD,
>are some examples of how the data looks.  The sort is
>really off.  What I want to do is separate the character
>from the number and please them into variable for example
>TPP in a variable the 123 in another and ABC in another.  
>By during this way it would help me to sort the data and
>piece them back together.  If anybody have and
>please let me know.  

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:12:43 GMT  
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