ADO - Error querying linked database tables in ACCESS 2000 
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 ADO - Error querying linked database tables in ACCESS 2000

hi all

problem has arisen while upgrading a dao sytem to adodb i.e. linked access
table queries & querydef creation was working

first noticed the problem attempting to update the command text of a view
within a catalog
the sql property of the view / stored query included a reference to a table
in another access 2000 database
the setting of the command text fails on all views which included joins to
linked access tables (in other database) but works perfectly on local
database views

(have dropped the linked tables in access & recreated - sql of views runs
perfectly in access, in a for next loop the views are identified & located
in vb6)

also attempted to retrieve an ordinary adodb recordset with the sql
including a join to a linked table & this failed as well
e.g  "SELECT TOP 1 end_date From VMFullDates GROUP BY end_date ORDER BY
Count(end_date) DESC"

"VMFullDates" - stored query / view in access

SELECT VMListWithDates.Variable, IIf(IsNull(StartDate),Earliest,StartDate)
AS Start, IIf(IsNull(EndDate),Latest,EndDate) AS [end_date]
FROM VMListWithDates INNER JOIN VarInfo ON VMListWithDates.Variable =

error msg in both cases :

Automation error
Unspecified error

vb6 , SP3
reference:  ADO 2.1 Library (also ADOX 2.1, JRO, DAO 3.6)
conn string: Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;User ID=admin;Jet
OLEDB:Database Password=;Data Source=C:\IMapUser.mdb;Persist Security

any input would be appreciated

thank you

Sat, 08 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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