SQL String of 922-926 characters fails using ADO and ODBC 
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 SQL String of 922-926 characters fails using ADO and ODBC

I have a SQL command that is going to a DB2 databse on a VM system via
ADO and ODBC(think I can get more acronyms in here?)in a VB6 program.
All SQL commands work fine unless the length of the command is 922-926
characters. This seems impossibly odd to me, but it's so unique that if
it is a problem someone else must have seen it before...anyone?
Now, some interesting tidbits. If I link the DB2 tables to an access
database(using ODBC) and pass the SQL to the access database via ADO
instead of directly to VM and DB2 the error does not occur. This might
eliminate ADO and ODBC as problems, but just in case, I'm posting to
this group in the hopes that one of you has seen this oddity before.
 In addition, if I go directly to VM and execute the same query(not from
code but from the VM interface) the error does not occur and the command
excutes with no problems.
One last bit, the DB2 connections are TCP/IP.

Thanks In advance...

Jonathan Herr
Jonathan.R.Herr AT lmco.com

Wed, 19 Feb 2003 00:25:12 GMT  
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