Compare two access databases, size of tables 
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 Compare two access databases, size of tables


I'm writing a program to compare two access databases, and the tables within
both of them.  I'm really just interested in the number of records in each
table, and would like to get something like this into a recordset or table.

TableName,    OldDBRecordSize,    NewDBRecordSize
myTable            34                                37
anotherTable        67                                78

I've already set up the framework for this, and have the path's to both
databases.  Is there a quick query to generate this result set though?  I
know I can use ADOX to get the table names, then individually query them for
the sizes, I'm just looking for an easier solution.


Michael Ramey
Smithfield Premium Genetics
385 Hwy 158
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Wed, 14 Dec 2005 00:30:00 GMT  
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