Reusing Connection objects with MSDAIPP 
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 Reusing Connection objects with MSDAIPP

Hello, I need to use ADO with the Microsoft Internet Publishing Provider for
OLE DB. Unlike a regular database like SQL Server, I cannot re-use an
existing connection object (whose source is a particular folder URL) to open
a Record object (using Record.Open) with a document that is either nested
directly in the folder or some levels down. I want to get to it directly
instead of using GetChildren, since I know where it is.  My big question is,
can Connection objects to one folder be reused with Record objects to items
in that folder or nested below it?

Also, using the Exchange OLEDB provider, I was planning on creating
transaction oriented components, using the transaction capabilities of the
connection object. However, if the conection object cannot be shared across
folders and documents (i.e. between multiple Record objects), then I cannot
re-use the connection object in creating a single transaction? Seems like a
problem to me.

Thanks for any help.

Mon, 18 Aug 2003 00:23:45 GMT  
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