ADO 2.1/SQL Server 6.5 - IDENTITY Question 
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 ADO 2.1/SQL Server 6.5 - IDENTITY Question

i'm developing a Cliente/Server App in VB 6 using ADO 2.1. Then database
back-end is a SQL Server 6.5 database.

This app is to be used by 15 or more simultaneous users. My problem concerns
on how can i do an insert into one table that as an Identity column and get
that value ??

i'm using SQL statments to do the insert using the Execute method of the
ADODB.Connection object. I need to insert one record in the master table,
and then
gather the Identity Column value so i can insert values in a details table.

I don't think that querying the database for the MAX value in that table
would work cos
in a multi user enviroment, i will be in risk that the value it returns will
be one inserted by
another user.

I'm doing this inside a transaction, so i must gather the value that isn't
yet in the database.

How can i do this????

Thanks for the time you spent reading this mail.

Thanks for your help!!

Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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