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 MSHFlex Grid Question

Hi all,

i have this neet problem (did i spell neet correct? sorry
not english.)

i am building a 3 tier application for my company and in
the development mode everything works correctly. The
datasource is an Oracle 9i Database, the middletier is the
MTS server having several ActiveX dll developed in Visual
Basic. This tier does the connection and the database
manipulation; the heavy stuff. I don't have any questions
on this.

But on the client which i am now working on i want to work
with the MSHFlex control. The client doesn't have a
reference to the ADODB library because it doesn't do any
database work. I set the DataSource with the retrieved
recordset, in development mode everything works okay, but
when i compile it to an EXE and distribute it to a client
with the OCX file it gives me a nice error: 'Data cannot
be bound' and an empty grid is shown with no headers and

Do you need to reference a client using the MSHFlex with
the ADODB or ADOR library in order to let the datasource
to be bound?

Another question excually request:
I want to set the ColumnHeaderCaption(BandIndex, ColIndex)
with a custom String value. When i do this and set the
correct bandindex it doesn't display the header which i
specified. Can anybody send me an example on using
different bands.

Hope to hear from you experts soon :-)


Mon, 28 Nov 2005 00:33:52 GMT  
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