Using VB.Net, ADO.Net and Access 
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 Using VB.Net, ADO.Net and Access

I am in the process of writing a Windows Form application that is to be a
single user, MS Access 2002 based app.

I know that ADO.Net is designed for more of a disconnected scenario, but in
my case, the database will always be on the machine where the app is, and
again, its single user.

So, I'm not sure of what to do here:
a. Should I just use ADO? I would rather not due to the COM interop issues,
plus I don't want to have to go back and update the app next year when I
find out support for ADO is diminishing.
b. If I code in using datasets, and allow it to work in a
disconnected fashion, would I have seen any performance differences in
allowing the default disconnected style vs using the ADO connected style?

If this were a SQL server app, I believe the questions would be easier to



Sun, 21 Aug 2005 01:15:52 GMT  
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