ADO - open Schems - IS_NULLABLE problem 
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 ADO - open Schems - IS_NULLABLE problem

Hi All,

I use ADO's OpenSchema method with parameters
as 'adSchemaColumns' in VB 6.0.  It returns a recordset
with one of its column as 'IS_NULLABLE'.  

My requirement is to find all 'NOT NULL' column's in a
table for these databases.
I use MSAccess 2000, Sql Server 2000 and Oracle.
The 'IS_NULLABLE' column for a primary key column shows
as 'True' for datatypes 'Number','Currency'...which infact
should be 'False'.

But I face no problem when I access tables from SQL

Can anyone help me on this.

Chandrasekar T.M.

Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:24:44 GMT  
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