Getting Meta Data only from ADO Data Control at Design time 
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 Getting Meta Data only from ADO Data Control at Design time

I have an ADO Data Control on which I have specified a Connection &
RecordSource (usually a SQL statement and/or strored query). At design time,
all I need is the meta-data describing the RecordSet. However, even at
design time,  the ADO Data Control executes the query and populates a

My problem is that sometimes the query take a long time to execute -- I have
to wait even though I do not want or need the data. This is especially a
problem in final testing against production size databases.

Is there any (automatic) way to tell the ADO Data Control to return only
meta-data (or empty RecordSets) in design mode, but fully poppulate then in
Run mode (both IDE and Compiled EXE). (Logically similar to the way that
"Debug.Assert" statement executes only in the IDE and not in Compiled code.)



Sun, 06 Mar 2005 05:55:40 GMT  
 Getting Meta Data only from ADO Data Control at Design time
Make sure your query it executes is simply "Select * from Table where 1=0"

This will return an empty recordset with all of the metadata.

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