Controlling Updates in ADO using timestamp/update criteria 
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 Controlling Updates in ADO using timestamp/update criteria

More often then not, its desired that when you get a recordset to the front
end(with optimistic locking)  play around , and do the modifications...and
finally when you want to commit the changes only to the rows which have not
been changed(updated/deleted) after you fetched the records.

I have tried using both timestamp column in the database as well as setting
the update criteria of the recordset to
adCriteriaUpdCols/adCriteriaTimeStamp , but in all the cases you will not
get any error at the front end if the last row to be commited is unchanged,
though it behaves as expected in the update the error is lost if the last
row is sucessfully updated....

for eg: have 3 rows(say value 1,2,3) fetch all three
3.Meanwhile somebody else updates the first row to 4 so it becomes(4,2,3)
4.You do ur updatation at the front end as (5,6,7) then fire a
rs.updatebatch expected the final rows are(4,6,7) but the error is lost

however, u will get an error if somebody has done (1,2,4) in step3

Any pointers are really appreciated...


Sat, 01 Mar 2003 15:01:33 GMT  
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