Error Trapping in ADO using a Foxpro dbf as a data source 
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 Error Trapping in ADO using a Foxpro dbf as a data source

Hi all
I am somewhat confused as to which (OLEDB or ODBC) is supposed to return
errors to ADO.

I have created a data source in the ODBC Administrator that points to a
directory containing foxpro 2.6 free tables.
I create the connection in ADO using " <datasourcename>",
and the connection is created successfully.
The problem is that I keep getting these obscure error messages from OLEDB
instead of ODBC. I'm sure I am using the ODBC driver for Visual Foxpro
databases, so why am i getting errors from OLEDB and not ODBC?

Any ideas anyone?


Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:08:16 GMT  
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