Excel file creation writing and reading 
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 Excel file creation writing and reading

I am developing an application using ASP as Front End and
MS Access as the back end. This is an employee appraisal
system which involves on line entry of forms as well as
offline entry.

The offline entry of data involves downloading an Excel
file in a specific format with some information written to
it. This involves the following steps

1. Creation of an Excel file specific to that employee
code based on the format already available(Save file as
2. Writing some employee specific data to that file.
3. Download the file to the users disk.
4. On filling up the form the data in the emp1.xls needs
to be put back in the MS-Access.

The plan is to create a component which takes care of the
first 3 steps and another component which will do the last

Can u pls help me on this. I have accomplised step 1 but I
am lost from there. Will be thankful if you can throw some
light or share some code on this.

Thanks in advance


Sat, 16 Oct 2004 14:10:25 GMT  
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