"Disappearing" Records in Access 2000 
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 "Disappearing" Records in Access 2000

VB6 SP5 Enterprise
Access 2000
ADO 2.6
Multi-user environment with 8 users
Physical Database Size = ~4.5 MB

These are the properties set on the ADODB.Connection object:
ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & DBPath
& ";"
Mode = adModeReadWrite
CursorLocation = adUseServer

We are experiencing a problem with a client where some of her records are
disappearing from a single table in the database.  There are 24 tables
within the database.  The only table in question contains 22 fields with one
of the fields being an AutoNumber.  When looking at the database, it appears
as if the records have been Deleted.  The first time this has happened, 5000
records were lost.  The second (and so far, the last) time that his has
happened, under 100 records were lost.  The reason why I say the records
have been deleted is because when adding a new record to the table, the
AutoNumber jumped to the last AutoNum + 5000 (or 100 depending on the number
of records lost).  If the database was corrupt, then repaired, the AutoNum
would be the last number + 1.

I know that Access is far from being the most stable database, but this type
of behavior does not sound typical of a corruption issue.  The corruption
issues that I have dealt with will not allow the database to be opened until
it has been first been repaired.  In this situation, this is not the case.
I would like to rule out any possibility of the application automatically
deleting those records before placing blame on the user.  So far, this seems
to be an isolated case within our client-group.

The user(s) started noticing that the data went missing after a record has
been added.  The record insertion is done by executing an "INSERT INTO"
statement.  After the insert is performed, a grid is refreshed to reflect
the additions/changes made on a particular file by the current user as well
as any other user on the system.  This is done by a "SELECT ... WHERE"
statement.  Within the application, there is no way to do a batch deletion
(which is what seems to be happening).  The user can delete only 1 record at
a time with verification for each record.  Aside from that, the only way
they could do this is by deleting the records directly from within Access.
As mentioned before, I would like to eliminate every other possibility of
this happening before becoming suspicious of user activity.

Any additional information as to why this might be happening would be
greatly appreciated.


Tue, 20 Apr 2004 09:33:42 GMT  
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