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 Data update

I posted this message once and it disappeared.  It was there the day after I
posted it.


> I am having problems do an update.
> Here is what I am trying to do.
> cnn1.begintrans

> cnn1.execute( "delete from mainframe where MF = true")

> then moveing through table mainframe do
>     if record exists then update record
>     else add new record (rstEquip.addnew)

> cnn1.committ

> I have more logic than this in the actual code.  Here are the problems
> I am having.  I can do the delete and the updates in different
> but not the same transactions.  I understand that this may be the way VB
> does an AddNew(insert vs addnew).  I an not sure how to do an Insert.
> I am also not sure if there is a better way to perform this whole
> transaction.  The update is very slow since I need to check everytime if
> current record exists and then do either an update or addnew.

> Thanks.

Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:22:45 GMT  
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