DAO vs ADO Performance 
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 DAO vs ADO Performance

Currently we have an application written in both Visual Basic and C++.
We are currently using DAO to connect to DB2 and using DAO Recordsets.
We had heard ADO gives better performance, so I did a "sliver" test
using ADO instead of DAO.  Within this sliver test I found ADO has the
same performance as DAO.  We are going through ODBC.  Being I found in
my sliver test that performance was the same, I am curious if I'm
missing a setting or if I should be going through something else
besides ODBC to lead to this better performance.  I would be curious of
other individual's experiences using ADO over DAO (or even RDO).
Please let me know!


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Sun, 21 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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