Appending Queries from one Access DB to another using ADOX 
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 Appending Queries from one Access DB to another using ADOX

I have to databases One with queries in and the other with none in. Some of
the queries are standard select queries and some others are cross-tab
queries. When i use the 'Procedures' object to append the queries vb appends
on query and then i get an error which is "DBID is Invaild" Does any one
have a idea on where i am going wrong. I have included my code below.

Thanks Tim.

Option Explicit
Private Const m_File_Location As String = "Some Location"

Private Sub cmdUpdate_Click()

    Dim M_OBJ_FSO           As Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Dim M_FSO_FOLDER        As Scripting.Folder
    Dim M_FSO_FILE          As Scripting.File

    Dim M_ADO_CATALOG       As ADOX.Catalog
    Dim M_ADO_TEMP_CAT      As ADOX.Catalog

    Dim M_ADO_QUERY         As ADOX.Procedure
    Dim M_ADO_TEMP_QUERY    As ADOX.Procedure

    Dim M_ADO_QUERYS        As ADOX.Procedures
    Dim M_ADO_TEMP_QUERYS   As ADOX.Procedures

    Dim M_ADO_COMMAND       As ADODB.Command

    Dim M_ADO_TABLE         As ADOX.Table

    Set M_OBJ_FSO = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Set M_FSO_FOLDER = M_OBJ_FSO.GetFolder(m_File_Location)

    Set M_ADO_CATALOG = New ADOX.Catalog
    Set M_ADO_TEMP_CAT = New ADOX.Catalog

    Set M_ADO_COMMAND = New ADODB.Command

        M_ADO_TEMP_CAT.ActiveConnection = Get_Connection(m_File_Location &

        For Each M_FSO_FILE In M_FSO_FOLDER.Files

            If Right(LCase(M_FSO_FILE.ShortName), 3) = "mdb" Then

                If Not InStr(1, M_FSO_FILE.Name, "00") > 0 Then

                M_ADO_CATALOG.ActiveConnection =

                    For Each M_ADO_QUERY In M_ADO_TEMP_CAT.Procedures

                        Set M_ADO_TEMP_COMMAND = M_ADO_QUERY.Command

                        M_ADO_COMMAND.CommandText =

                        M_ADO_CATALOG.Procedures.Delete (M_ADO_QUERY.Name)
                        M_ADO_CATALOG.Procedures.Append M_ADO_QUERY.Name,

                        Set M_ADO_TEMP_COMMAND = Nothing


                End If

            End If


    Set M_FSO_FOLDER = Nothing
    Set M_OBJ_FSO = Nothing

    Set M_ADO_TEMP_CAT = Nothing
    Set M_ADO_CATALOG = Nothing

End Sub

Private Function Get_Connection(ByRef Database_Path As String) As

    Set Get_Connection = New ADODB.Connection

        Get_Connection.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="
& Database_Path & ";Persist Security Info=False"

    Set Get_Connection = Get_Connection

End Function

Tue, 26 Oct 2004 22:04:25 GMT  
 Appending Queries from one Access DB to another using ADOX
Hi Tim,

We need to add a new command object to the target database each time. Here
is correct code:

For Each cp In cx.Procedures

    Set cm = New Command
   cm.CommandText = cp.Command.CommandText

    cx2.Procedures.Append cp.Name, cm
    Set cm = Nothing


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Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:45:25 GMT  
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