ADOX - compare and update database. 
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 ADOX - compare and update database.


Firstly, I could not find a specific ADOX newsgroup, so I hope this question
is OK here.

I am trying to write a program to open two databases, on a empty database,
or old version database, and the other the new database format as needed by
a newer release application.

The application then compares all of the objects in the old database to the
new database, and modifies the old one as neccessary to bring it up to date.
I figure this will mean I should never have to write another line of ADOX
code for updating databases.  It would also create ADOX code to do those
same changes as a option.

I figured that this would not be too hard, and that doing things in the
right order would be the biggest problem.

This is what happens with reguards to setting properties on the column
object, and trying to add it to a table collection.

1) If I run it without setting any of the properties in the property
collection, and do set the attributes property, all is fine.

2) If I set the properties in the property collection, but not set the
attributes property, I get "Errors occurred". This is not a great error
message, as I have no idea what went wrong.

3) If I set both the properties in the property collection, and the
attributes property, the application GPFs, and I loose VB.

Remember, I am copying the properties from a valid existing database, so all
rules should be OK.

I am using VB 6.0 Sp3 and ADO 2.1 SP2.

Thank You,


Sun, 14 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 ADOX - compare and update database.

I've got a quite similar problem with ADO2.1 Extended.
I want to realize the program you describe, working both from Access to Access and from SQL7 to SQL7.
So I took recursively all the properties of each object, then I tried to display the value of each property. Here comes the mess... : I'm trying to reference the following (for an SQL 7 catalog)


What I only get back is an err
" 3251 "
"The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider."

When I want the Name, Type, or Attributes values for this property, everything is ok.

When I point to an MDB file, everything is also ok.

Q. : So does anybody knows why the sql 7 provider doesn't let you access the Value property for a Table's Column's Property ?

Fri, 19 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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