Leaving a connection open indefinitely 
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 Leaving a connection open indefinitely


It depends on application. If it is multiuser, then it is better to release
all resources associated with connection. By default ADO pooling
connections, so you will not see big impact in performance if you close and
re-open connection again.

Val Mazur
Microsoft MVP

> In my app, I have a connection that I use to access the
> db.  I usually open the connection, execute an SQL
> statement and then close the connection.  This creates 3
> network calls to the db.  I know you can leave the
> connection open between uses, but what is the impact on
> performance?  Is it a bad idea to leave it open
> indefinitely?  Could I open it when the app starts and
> leave it open until the app closes?

> Thanks

Tue, 10 May 2005 09:24:58 GMT  
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