search with recordset paging 
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 search with recordset paging

i need to search a recordset for a certain record and then display it.
 when i display it i also need to be able to page to the records
before and after it in the recordset.  right now i can search for a
record or i can page records starting at the beginning but i can't do
the paging from starting in the middle of the recordset. i've looked
at all the tutorials online and done hundreds of searchs for this, but
cant figure out a way to do it.

here is the paging code i have working, but it does not allow me to
jump to the middle:

'connect to database
%> <!-- #include file="includes/" --> <%

'get the correct sql command from the search or use a standard if no
search was used
If Request.Form("swlin") <> "" Then
  MyQuery="Select * from Swlin where swlin='"&swlin&"' "
  MyQuery="Select * from swlin order by swlin"
End If

'for connection to swlin
set myrs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset")

'open the rs myquery, conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly

'retrieve the name of the current asp document

'retrieve the current page number from the querystring
If iCurrentPage= "" Or iCurrentPage=0 Then
End If

'set the number of records to be displayed on each page

'set the recordset pagesize property

'move to the selected page in the rs

'if the current page number is less than the toatal number of pages
then display a link to the next page of results
If CInt(iCurrentPage) < myrs.PageCount Then
   Response.Write "<a href =""" & sPageURL &"?Page= "& (iCurrentPage +
1) & """ > Next Page </a>      "
End If

'if the current page number is greater than the first page then
display a link to the prev page of results
If CInt(iCurrentPage) > 1 Then
   Response.Write "<a href =""" & sPageURL &"?Page= "& (iCurrentPage -
1) & """ > Previous Page </a>"
End If

'display the form

Thanks so much for any help!  this is the last thing i need to do
until i send it off to the customer!


Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:40:28 GMT  
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