ado command output to ado stream 
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 ado command output to ado stream

I am going more than a little crazy with this.  I am trying to use a command
object to execute a MSSQL (2000) stored procedure that includes an XML
EXPLICIT query.  This would seem to require that the result be returned to
an ADO Stream object.

There are several examples in the MS documentation that indicate that you
can do this with code like:

cmd.Properties("Output Stream").Value = str

where cmd is an ADODB Command object and str is an ADODB Stream object, both
of which have been properly instantiated.

When I execute this statement I get an error message "Item cannot be found
in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal".  And sure
enough, when I enumerate the properties of the ADODB Command object there is
NO property named "Output Stream".  This is true with ADO 2.6 (for which
most of the documentation examples seem to have been written) and ADO 2.7.

Any ideas out there about what I should do to solve this, either by fixing
the problem outlined above or an alternative strategy I might use?

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 13:18:37 GMT  
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