Using SQL in ADO to call FOXPRO 6.0 
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 Using SQL in ADO to call FOXPRO 6.0

I have had some success in retrieving recordsets from a FoxPro database
by using SQL statements issued thru the ADO Open method. For example,
"SELECT firstname, lastname FROM student" works and gives me a rs I can
use to populate controls. However, there seems to be some SQL-FoxPro
that is escaping me. For example, if I issue the statement "SELECT
firstname, lastname FROM student INTO TABLE teacher", I still get a rs
returned, the event occurs without error, but no teacher table is
created. I'm used to Access SQL and the order of the keywords in this
statement are a bit different in FoxPro according to what I can glean
from the FoxPro help. Looking for any/all info/books/resources/etc that
would give me the fullest understanding of how VB using ADO issuing SQL
to FoxPro can be driven the furthest. Tx!

Sat, 29 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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