Connecting to Remote SQL7 Server via ADO 
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 Connecting to Remote SQL7 Server via ADO

Hi. I'm trying to connect to an SQL7 Server running on Windows 2000 Adv
Server. When I try connecting to SQL7 via ADO 2.1 on the Windows2000
machine, I have absolutely no problems connecting using either WinNT
Authentication or SQL Authentication (w/ user name "sa" and no pw). When I
try the same thing from a remote computer on the same lan either attempting
to connect to the server's IPs or computer name, it doen't work. It says
that it failed to connect. Anyone have any ideas? Ideally I want to be able
to connect over TCP/IP so that my client applications can run from anywhere.

Thank you,
Nathan Blecharczyk

Wed, 26 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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