Urgent !!JApanese char insertion into SQLServ 
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 Urgent !!JApanese char insertion into SQLServ

Hi All,
I've a problem in inserting japanese data from a word 2k document into
SQLServer 2000.I've written a VB program which uses Word Object Library to
get the data into vb program and insert into SQLServ.
The program is inserting '????' in place of japanese characters could u pls
let me know whats wrong with the code.
the code is something like this

Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
'cn.Open "Driver={SQL
'cn.Open "sqldsn", "sa", "xxx"

'cn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rs.Open "select * from jptab", cn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly
Set doc = app.Documents.Open("c:\sri\jpmodules\jp.doc")
doc.Windows.Item(1).WindowState = wdWindowStateMinimize
rcount = doc.Tables(1).Rows.Count
ccount = doc.Tables(1).Columns.Count
For r = 0 To rcount - 1
  For c = 0 To ccount - 1

     'Dim MyByteString(0 To 4) As Byte
     'Get #1, , MyByteString

  tst = doc.Tables(1).Cell(r + 1, c + 1).Range.Text
  'tst = Left(tst, Len(tst) - 1)
  cn.Execute "Insert into jptab values ('" & tst & "',null)"
  Next c
Next r


Sun, 12 Oct 2003 12:53:52 GMT  
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