Shape and new recordset 
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 Shape and new recordset

I have a shape recordset that i want to connect to an already existing

I have checked the type of child recordset in the resultset  and it is

If i make a maual recordset i hav tried this

    Set RsER = New Recordset
    Set RsER = DataEnvironment1.rsREFNO                // Recordset from
database that i want to add to my recordset

    RsER.Fields.Append "Test", adChapter                    // Add the
    RsER.Fields.Append "Hello", adTypeText                // Test dummy


                                                                     Get an
error here that tell me that it is wrong type

    Set RsER.Fields("TEst").Value = DataEnvironment1.rsREFNO

Any idea ?

Sat, 12 Jul 2003 19:21:56 GMT  
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