empty data list / data grid on NT4, but fine on Windows98 
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 empty data list / data grid on NT4, but fine on Windows98

I've got a VB6 application that I developed and tested under Windows98.  It
lets the user select various items from DataLists and DataGrids bound to
ADODC's, and then, based on those selections, performs updates to the
database through stored procedure calls in 'regular' ADO code.  Everything
works as expected; bound DataLists and DataGrids are populated, and the
'regular' ADO code successfully executes stored procedure calls.

However, when I installed the application on an NT4 workstation, the
DataLists and DataGrids aren't populated.  With a little poking, I learned
that the 'regular' ADO code is still working fine; it's just that the bound
controls don't display any data.

I've poked through MSDN for a bit, and haven't seen anything that I'm doing
wrong.  Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!


Sun, 01 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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