The Data Shape command text contains syntax error.... 
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 The Data Shape command text contains syntax error....

Where is an error?
The message is:
Data Shape command text contains a syntax error at or near
the position 947 in the command.
The text near the error is "Command3_Grouping COMPUTE
Command2, SUM(Command2.'P14')".
I have designed this Shape command text below by DED (Data
Environment Designer).
Next I'm reading it by  Hierarchy Info  option in the DED.

SHAPE {select distinct RFIL1,NPOZ1 from t_AS60A_1 order by
RFIL1,NPOZ1}  AS Command1
APPEND (( SHAPE {select * from t_AS60A_1 order by
APPEND (( SHAPE {select * from t_AS60A_2 order by
COMPUTE Command3, SUM(Command3.'P24') AS Aggregate24,
                  SUM(Command3.'P25') AS Aggregate25,
                  SUM(Command3.'P26') AS Aggregate26,
                  SUM(Command3.'P27') AS Aggregate27,
                  SUM(Command3.'P28') AS Aggregate28,
                  SUM(Command3.'P29') AS Aggregate29,
                  SUM(Command3.'P210') AS Aggregate210,
                  SUM(Command3.'P211') AS Aggregate211,
                  SUM(Command3.'P212') AS Aggregate212,
                  SUM(Command3.'P213') AS Aggregate213,
                  SUM(Command3.'P214') AS Aggregate214,
                  SUM(Command3.'P215') AS Aggregate215,
                  SUM(Command3.'P216') AS Aggregate216
                  BY 'RFIL2','NPOZ2','WS2','WX2','GPOK2')
AS Command3_Grouping
TO 'WS2','WX1' TO 'WX2') AS Command3_Grouping    
<---------         Here is an error?             -------->
COMPUTE Command2, SUM(Command2.'P14') AS Aggregate14,
                  SUM(Command2.'P15') AS Aggregate15,
                  SUM(Command2.'P16') AS Aggregate16,
                  SUM(Command2.'P17') AS Aggregate17,
                  SUM(Command2.'P18') AS Aggregate18,
                  SUM(Command2.'P19') AS Aggregate19,
                  SUM(Command2.'P110') AS Aggregate110,
                  SUM(Command2.'P111') AS Aggregate111,
                  SUM(Command2.'P112') AS Aggregate112,
                  SUM(Command2.'P113') AS Aggregate113,
                  SUM(Command2.'P114') AS Aggregate114,
                  SUM(Command2.'P115') AS Aggregate115,
                  SUM(Command2.'P116') AS Aggregate116
                  BY 'RFIL1','NPOZ1') AS Command2_Grouping
Can anyone advise me. Thanks.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:16:20 GMT  
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