Adding a Reference vs Adding a Control 
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 Adding a Reference vs Adding a Control

I am developing a project in VB6.  This project involves using ADO to
connect to an external ODBC data source.  I do not use the ADODC
control within my program but wish to use its functionality.  I have
recently read where I can go to the project's references and add a
reference to MSADO without adding a control to any of my forms.

I usually place an ADODC control on my main form.  I then do something
similar to the following in a module.bas file:

Public MyConnection as ADODB.Connection
Public MyRecordset(1 to 10) as ADODB.Recordset

Does it matter which method is used?  Is there any
performance/development issues that I should be aware of?

Thanks for any input.

Tue, 08 Feb 2005 20:09:14 GMT  
 Adding a Reference vs Adding a Control
In Visual Basic 6 when you add ADO DataControl in component ADO is not
added to the reference
But when you place an ADO Data Control on the form Microsoft ADO 2.X is
automatically added to the reference.

You dont have to add the control to get the ADO 2.X reference. You can add
the reference without adding any controls and you will be able to use all
the ADODB objects like ADODB.Connection, ADODB.Recordset. etc.,

Its always a good idea not to load any controls when you dont need them.

Hope this answers your question.

Ramesh Thyagarajan, MCSD,MCDBA
Microsoft Developer support

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Tue, 08 Feb 2005 21:27:04 GMT  
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