Runtime error '91' 
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 Runtime error '91'

Hi guys,

Last week I had problems with my ADO-control (Adodc1),
which had the incorrect property for "CommandType". This
was set to 'table' and the code "Adodc1.Recordsource
= "Select ... "
is in violation of this type.

This lead to the error-message:

Runtime error '91':

Object variable or Wioth block variable not set.

After altering the commandtype to 'Unknown' it all worked
just fine. And to-date the code I wrote last week works
fine still.
BUT... If I want to make a new form with a new ADO-control
and ofcourse this time I set all the properties right, I'm
getting the old error-message again. Even if I copy and
paste the working control to a new one!

Am I still setting one of the properties wrong or is
something generic afoot?

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 19:09:25 GMT  
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