ADO memory loss 
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 ADO memory loss

I'm opening an ADO connection to an Oracle database.
I have this code running inside and ActiveX dll. The problem
is that it is losing memory every time I run it. It makes
no diffence if I use an Oracle data provider or an ODBC
DSN. I've tried a simalar piece of code with an Access
connection and it also loses memory (although not as much).
I've tried the same code within Visual C++ and the same thing
happens. Any ideas??

Private objOracleConnection As New ADODB.Connection
Dim strSQL As String
strSQL = "DSN=XYZOracle;UID=someuser;PWD=somepassword"

objOracleConnection.ConnectionString = strSQL
If objOracleConnection.State = adStateOpen Then
    MsgBox "success"
    MsgBox "failure"
End If
Set objOracleConnection = Nothing

The memory loss is compounded if I actually do some
work with the connection, i.e run a query, do an insert, the
memory loss is compounded.

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