MS Remote vs RDS 
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 MS Remote vs RDS


We use MS' MS Remote provider for accessing data over the internet.
There's one problem though, requesting more then one recordset from
the server causes a lot of overhead on our IIS server. It seems that
MS Remote is having trouble with slow lines (< 28k8). Tests showed
that 2 simultanious users using the same backoffice app, got the IIS
on his knees while requesting the same kind of information (IIS
received 30 hits, each hit tried 8 times to re-establish the
connection). The request contained a query which lead to a request for
5 more recordsets.

I'm wondering if there are any performance settings regarding MS
Remote to reduce the overhead on our servers. Also, most of the time,
each request of a recordset requires other request of minimum 5 other
recordsets to be loaded, with a minimum of 2 blob fields containing a
jpeg file. We figured out that some recordsets can take up to 30kb
which takes up to 30 seconds of loading time on a 64Kb single ISDN
line. I assume this ain't normal...

In short, any hints or links to sites regarding issue's about RDS and
MS Remote are welcome.


Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:37:37 GMT  
 MS Remote vs RDS
You didn't mention which version of MDAC you are using.   I would recommend
MDAC 2.5 SP1  (or MDAC 2.6 with SQL Server 2000).

Also, MS Remote uses the RDS DataFactory on the remote server to commuicate
to your back-end database.   You might want to put the RDS DataFactory DLL
into COM+ (MTS)

Also (and just a guess), if you are using IE 5.5 on the client, then you may
be running into the following


Carl Prothman
Microsoft Visual Basic MVP

PS.   I added  to this post

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 11:29:01 GMT  
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