How to handle dups in UpdateBatch 
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 How to handle dups in UpdateBatch

I'm fairly new to updating database records so sorry in advance if this is a simple question.

I have users at a remote site that I need to have update my SQL database.  I would like to update the records via batch updating to reduce the number of network trips.  The problem I run into is one of duplicate keys. How do I handle this?
Below is code I'm testing in Excel:


Set Cn = New ADODB.Connection

strSQL = "Driver={SQL Server};Server=(local);Database=Financial;UID=user;PWD=pwd"
Cn.Open strSQL
'Cn.DefaultDatabase = "Financial"
'Cn.CursorLocation = adUseClient

Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
RS.Open "tblPlan", Cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockBatchOptimistic, adCmdTable
If RS.EOF = False Then
End If

Do While WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, DeptCol) <> ""


  RS.Fields(1) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, DeptCol)
  RS.Fields(2) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, VendCol)
  RS.Fields(3) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month1_Col)
  RS.Fields(4) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month2_Col)
  RS.Fields(5) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month3_Col)
  RS.Fields(6) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month4_Col)
  RS.Fields(7) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month5_Col)
  RS.Fields(8) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month6_Col)
  RS.Fields(9) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month7_Col)
  RS.Fields(10) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month8_Col)
  RS.Fields(11) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month9_Col)
  RS.Fields(12) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month10_Col)
  RS.Fields(13) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month11_Col)
  RS.Fields(14) = WS.Cells(CurrentExcelRow, Month12_Col)

CurrentExcelRow = CurrentExcelRow + 1


Patrick Hatcher

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