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 ADO data control

The ConnectionString property is initially set for my
development environment.  I have a function that changes
the ConnectionString when the form loads so that it will
look for the correct database on the clients machines.  
They have a different server, obviously.

Unfortunately, The ADO datacontrol is trying to find the
development server first.  This raises an error because it
can not find the server.  Once this error is cleared the
form loads fine but it's an unwanted step for a user.

Is there a way around this situation?  I have tried two
things but it slows development when working with the
datacontrols. 1) Leave the connection string blank.  The
bound controls do not let a person edit something unless
it finds the database.  2) Set it to the Clients
ConnectionString.  This makes me reset the string manually.



Sun, 25 Apr 2004 08:30:47 GMT  
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