binding to a query-based DE recordset 
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 binding to a query-based DE recordset

I have a data environment with 2 commands:
parent query based command with a not-required parameter and its child command

1) After channging the parent recordset object by launching the parent command
with a parameter

        the sql statement is: SELECT TFlight.* FROM TFlight WHERE DES = pCode

        none of microsoft controls I've tried (MSHFlex grid, textbox, richtext)
rebinds to the new content of neither of the two recordsets.  In case of the
latter two controls , when I set the control's datafield property to the value,
which it already has, an untrappable and not-documented "Data binding error"
occurrs saying "Field not updatable, Bound Property name: TextRTF, Field Name :
Info"; (Info is a field in my db the rtf control is bound to), then the control
more or less binds to the current recordset.
        Strangely, a third-party True DBGrid 7.0 Pro updates to the altered
recordset without problems (after firing its ReBind method)
        I get the error even if I set the datachanged property to false, so what
does the words "Field not updatable" is a mystery for me.
2) I don't know how to bind any control to a query based command with required
        (least important problem,  I bypassed it by using a not-required
I'll be very grateful for any clue : How to rebind a control when a recordset in
a DataEnvironment changes without the unfortunately untrappable error( or if it
is trappable, I don't know where to trap it).

I am using Visual Basic 6.0 SP4 Proffesional Edition

Wed, 20 Aug 2003 03:30:39 GMT  
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