Recordset always return with upper case field names from Oracle 
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 Recordset always return with upper case field names from Oracle

I am trying to support Oracle 8i in existing VB code.

When querying an Oracle 8i db, the ADO Recordset returned, using ADO 2.6 has
all field names specified in upper case.


SELECT a_field FROM a_table

in vb;

strField = rs.fields("a_field")   'FAILS

strField = rs.fields("A_FIELD")   'works

Also when persisting to XML, all  the field names are in upper case, I have
lots of existing XSL files which look for lower case field names.

I am able to force lower case by using;

SELECT a_field  "a_field" FROM a_table

..but would need to write some kind of parser to convert the sql before
executing - {*filter*} trying to handle every possible SELECT list   ...sum(),
max(), ..etc

I tried creating a new recordset and stepping through each record 'copying'
each field -

 rsNew.addNew  LCase(rsOld.fields(i).Name), rsOld.fields(i).Value

This worked Ok until I tried to do this with a numeric field, when I got an
error -

Duplicate step in action

Anyone have any experience of this ..or any ideas..?



Fri, 06 May 2005 05:47:48 GMT  
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