ADODC Errors? 
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 ADODC Errors?

I assume this issue arises from the ADODC control, but let's start at the

I've create an app install through Wise Installmaster that features a VB6
app running against an Access 97 DB that gets hooked through an DSN.  The
app has been created on an NT 4.0 workstation SP5, VB6 with SP3, MDAC 2.1.

I can install this app to anther 4.0 workstation and it works just fine, but
after installing on a Win98 machine when attempting to run the app it gives
an error that shows details and addressing for Kernel32.

So I took the .vbp to one of the win98 machines that happened to have VB
installed and opened the vbp there.  It opens showing code, but attempting
to display one of the forms in design view causes the same Kernel 32 type
error.  Re-open the app in VB on this Win98 machine and do a crtl F5 to run
it gives a MessageBox that's captioned "ADODC" and the message is
"Unspecified error."

Okay, back on NT open the project, strip out the ADODC's, save it, move it
back to the Win98 machine with VB on it, open the vbp and place the ADODC's
back on, save it, open it and try to view a form in design view, BOOM,
Kernel32 error.  Doing the crtl F5 thing results in the same situation,
Kernel32 error.

I've checked version for the MSADODC.OCX on all machines and they're the
same, 6.00.8418.

Sure, I could always recode my data pulls by hand, but this project features
a ton of grids (yes, I've bound the grids, but that's what the job calls
for) so that idea isn't really appealing.

All my references and components are in place, so what gives?

Any help is really appreciated!

Rick Kurtz

Sun, 14 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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