Unable to reuse ADO.Recordset connection using VBA script in Excel 
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 Unable to reuse ADO.Recordset connection using VBA script in Excel

I am successful in opening and using ADO.Connection and ADO.Recordset
objects in VBA script in Excel. I then close the objects and set them
to Nothing to to be released. I thenn open the ADO.COnnection object
again, but unable, however, to re-open this recordset object with a
different "SELECT" statement. I get a message "ODBC Driver does not
support required properties".

I will appreciate any insights in how to solve it.

Misha Goussev

Tue, 14 Dec 2004 06:21:22 GMT  
 Unable to reuse ADO.Recordset connection using VBA script in Excel

This problem may have something to do with the fact that you are re-using
the same connection from the OLE DB pool. I assume that you are re-opening
the connection within 60 seconds of closing it.

Try disabling connection pooling by adding

        OLE DB Services = -2

to your ADO connection string.

Also, I see you've specified "adCmdText", meaning that the "source"
argument for your Recordset.Open method is a SELECT or EXECUTE statement.
Is "filename" indeed a variable containing a SELECT statement?

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Wed, 15 Dec 2004 07:19:14 GMT  
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